Yesterday: A Short History of Scottsdale

Located near the confluence of the Verde and Salt Rivers in the northeastern corner of the Sonoran Desert, our community really began with the refurbishing of the ancient Hohokam canal system in the late 1800’s to reinvigorate local agriculture. The growing town was renamed “Scottsdale” in 1894. Visitors were attracted to the area by the dry air, mild and sunny winter climate, and the relaxing environment. The first resort in the area was built in 1912 and Scottsdale was incorporated in 1951.

Water and power provided by the dams and reservoirs of the Salt River Project on the two rivers were the lifeblood of new growth and development in and around Scottsdale. The mass production of refrigerant air conditioning in the 1950s took advantage of the available power to help elevate Scottsdale from just a sleepy wintertime retreat to a year-round residential community. However, tourism is still the main industry in Scottsdale.


2012 is the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood. Check out these links for more information on the AZ Centennial:


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