Tomorrow: Nurturing Our Legacy.

The timeless desert and the relative youth of our town converge to create opportunity. Our residents, businesses, and city leaders are engaged in vigorous dialog about how best to capitalize on this opportunity. The key to Scottsdale’s future is intelligently balancing growth and change with our invaluable history, community character, and tourist appeal.

To do so, we must be able to understand where we started and how we got here. We must also understand the value of that legacy, and the cost of turning our backs on it.

We must nurture the internationally-known and beloved charm and character of our City. Unfortunately, our leaders on city staff and the City Council don’t understand this like we do. Therefore, we have to get involved and get engaged. Time is short!

Poor and irreversible city planning decisions are being made every day in Scottsdale. The only way we can stop this is to, a) know about it, and b) make sure we hold our Mayor and City Council to their responsibility.

You should be notified of projects under consideration in your area. The city sends out postcard notifications on a variety of proposed projects, including several types of cases that are scheduled for public hearings.

However, the notification radius is pretty small. It’s better to contact Current Planning at (480) 312-7000 and asked to be put on the “city-wide notification list.”

You can also get some information on major projects by subscribing to the “P & Z Link Newsletter.” Enter your email address on this page and follow the directions to select which newsletters you want. P & Z Link is toward the end of the list.

Our highest-level city planning document is the General Plan. State law requires it be updated every ten years, and an update is in-process right now and you can see the draft General Plan online.

The AZ Republic has covered some of the many concerns that residents have with this plan.

You can get involved in this process:

Please also consider participating in some of our city-sponsored government awareness efforts, or apply for a board or commission.


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