The Headline-Content Missing Link

In yet another AZCentral piece, today by Joanna Allhands, entitled, “Careful what you wish for, Scottsdale,” the issue of ‘crowding’ gets more flogging. I’m not really sure what to make of this tome. It’s like there’s a paragraph missing somewhere. Clearly Ms. Allhands isn’t up-to-speed on some of these Scottsdale issues. Certainly the headline writer […]

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Apartment Bust

Parker Leavitt posted a story on AZCentral today, “Is Scottsdale getting too crowded?” Unfortunately, I think he’s asking the wrong question. As I said in a comment to Parker that fell to the editor’s sword: He should be asking what we (the existing residents) are getting in exchange for the quality of life we are giving up […]

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Red Light Photo Enforcement Increases Injury Collisions

A recent study from Chicago reported on ARS Technica by Meghan Geuss shows that photo enforcement of red light violations actually increases rear-end injury collisions more than it reduces other types of injury collisions. The Chicago Tribune in response commissioned a scientific study by two well-regarded transportation researchers, who found that the statistics promoted by the […]

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