The Myth of Light Rail’s Property Value Impact

I recently had a tedious Facebook debate with Ed Casper about (or at least starting with) the notion that light rail has a significant positive effect on property tax revenue. The mechanism by which it is purported to do this is enhancement of property values along the light rail corridor. The original commentator reposted something […]

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The Headline-Content Missing Link

In yet another AZCentral piece, today by Joanna Allhands, entitled, “Careful what you wish for, Scottsdale,” the issue of ‘crowding’ gets more flogging. I’m not really sure what to make of this tome. It’s like there’s a paragraph missing somewhere. Clearly Ms. Allhands isn’t up-to-speed on some of these Scottsdale issues. Certainly the headline writer […]

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Tax Scraps and Crumbs

Voice of Scottsdale (aka Virginia Korte) posted a commentary today on new Scottsdale city council member David Smith and his grand plan to save our city from the food tax that threatens to put us all in the poor house and leave a deserted…er…desert, where Scottsdale used to be. The question posed: Is Smith sincere […]

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