Who Owns The Vision?

The headline story this morning in AZCentral’s daily “Top 5, Exclusive selections for our subscribers” asks, “Who Owns the Desert?” The byline belongs to Catherine Sheffo. “Who?” you may ask; I did. Herein lies the first problem with the story. Catherin Sheffo is a “Pulliam Fellow,” aka a college intern working a summer job. How […]

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This analysis comes to ScottsdaleTrails courtesy of the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. While I have disagreed (sometimes vigorously) with COGS, and in particular the author (former city council candidate Copper Phillips), this appears to be a well-crafted perspective on the current problems within SUSD. However, in my humble opinion, the fourth bullet–declining enrollment–is the most […]

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Too Close to Call

With the race between Kathy Littlefield and Dennis Robbins for the third Scottsdale city council seat leaning only slightly toward Kathy by a couple dozen votes, 0.02% of total, the 2014 election may be bad or it may be worse. It all depends on the final count of provisional ballots, and an almost-sure challenge from the dark money liquor/development […]

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