Too Close to Call

With the race between Kathy Littlefield and Dennis Robbins for the third Scottsdale city council seat leaning only slightly toward Kathy by a couple dozen votes, 0.02% of total, the 2014 election may be bad or it may be worse. It all depends on the final count of provisional ballots, and an almost-sure challenge from the dark money liquor/development […]

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True Colors

I caught a lot of grief for my city council endorsements a couple of weeks ago, particularly from candidate Bill Crawford. He was also pretty hard on Councilman Guy Phillips, whose endorsements mirrored my own. In fact, the atmosphere from the ‘activist community’ (whatever that is anymore) was so vitriolic and from so many ‘allies’ like […]

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Ethics and Scottsdale

Last night the Scottsdale City Council voted to approve contracts for three new members of the city’s ethics complaint review pool. Raymond Lee, Penny Wilrich, and Jonathan Schwartz will potentially be charged with reviewing complaints made under the City’s “Code of Ethical Behavior for Public Officers” (Ordinance Number 367S, SRC Sec 2-57, adopted 1 July […]

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