A Slightly Different Lie

For the third article in a row since the election, Beth Duckett and her editors (including Chris Coppola) at the Arizona Republic have dishonestly portrayed the major differential in this race: Whether to follow the best practices of city planning and the voter-ratified organic law of Scottsdale’s 2001 General Plan. I raised this same objection on a previous AZR […]

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Too Close to Call

With the race between Kathy Littlefield and Dennis Robbins for the third Scottsdale city council seat leaning only slightly toward Kathy by a couple dozen votes, 0.02% of total, the 2014 election may be bad or it may be worse. It all depends on the final count of provisional ballots, and an almost-sure challenge from the dark money liquor/development […]

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Political Go/No-Go

Ok, last election-eve post here, but one that I couldn’t let slide. There’s a concept in aviation called the “go/no-go” decision. Pilots train to recognize and act immediately upon one or more criteria to decide, for example, whether a takeoff can be continued given airspeed achieved and runway remaining. Not something you want to spend […]

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