I Told You So: Westworld

AZCentral reports this morning that Scottsdale’s Westworld equestrian facility expansion project has gone over-budget by 20%. That’s a $9 million ‘oops.’ Some notable quotes from the article: Due to potential overspending, the city had to find another revenue source to bankroll the art for now. The Scottsdale City Council recently agreed to tap into savings […]

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Citizens’ Voices

Darlene Petersen and Mark Stevens made a couple of very good public comments at last night’s City Council meeting on the state of citizen involvement in Scottsdale and the dysfunction in the city court. Watch the video beginning at about 9 minutes into the meeting. http://scottsdale.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=96&clip_id=5741  

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Loren Molever: Junkyard Dog

Voice of Scottsdale published this column yesterday. You’ll note my corrections out-dented below. Loren Molever Becoming Political Lightning Rod. Loren Molever is turning into a lightning rod that, unfortunately, is keeping the political storm surrounding the General Plan Update Task Force swirling. The esteemed member of the Task Force can’t hold his tongue.  In fact […]

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