Blazing Our Trail

A trail gets you from one place to another. It’s also a journey to be enjoyed along the way. We want to show you how to get here from somewhere else; and share the fun things you can see and do along the way.

Our mission is to make connections that enrich and enhance our community.

  • Connecting Scottsdale residents & visitors to community amenities, services, & events.
  • Connecting Scottsdale taxpayers to their City Government.
  • Connecting our history to our present to our future.

We want you to see all the great things you can do right here in Scottsdale or nearby. Great Links will lead you to great restaurants, wonderful places to stay, fun activities, civic resources, and local service providers.

Check out Yesterday to understand a little bit about how our community came to be.

Then look at Tomorrow to see how you can help us choose a path to a sustainable, high-quality lifestyle.

Contact us or learn more on our Contributors page.

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