Scottsdale Borgata developer: “Some high-end buyers tired of desert views” – Phoenix Business Journal

Mike Jesberger is developing 86 high-end condos at the former Borgata shopping center.


He’s probably got more money than I’ll ever have, but this is about the most idiotic statement I’ve ever heard.

The article is paywalled, but the headline was well-worth posting.

Source: Scottsdale Borgata developer: Some high-end buyers tired of desert views, others not ready for Old Town club scene – Phoenix Business Journal

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  1. Some quick Google usage gives us this portion of the article – The 86-unit luxury development has units priced between $800,000 and $3 million. –

    So who wants this high priced living, Google says – Jesberger said he is seeing plenty of demand from empty nest, baby boomers from North Scottsdale and Fountain Hills looking – then the rest is pay walled. Now tell me anyone, what is Scottsdale? Really, per this article it is the Old Town club scene (hooray?) or just desert views? So a developer, with our council of ‘leaders’ is all in on this?

    Last I read this morning that some shill wants light rail because of the Millenials. Do they like the club scene then? What is with the high density infill for? Millenials or those people we shall call…? Does anyone even know what in the world the General Plan is for? Oh wait, our council has time and time again gutted it to a tatters.

    Well tell me why in world would anyone want to live in Scottsdale? Ask the Chamber of Confusion and it is the Millenials, this developer – retired empty nesters from North Scottsdale (which is where on what map) and Fountain Hills. Does anyone even read a book, pamphlet, or anything anymore? If they did they would wonder what exactly Scottsdale is becoming.

    I mean those 86 units are some hideaway from Scottsdale, in Scottsdale. Is that like being a vegan and only eating at a steak house? I am confused. Well I am certain someone in the newspaper will give us an answer. You know, one with a nice link to the VICE component of Scottsdale or better yet, how the Millenials are going to afford to live in Scottsdale, but Scottsdale needs light rail just for them.

    “We have met the enemy and he is us” from Walt Kelly should be the invocation before every city council meeting. Then when they vote, they all should remember that phrase and say it aloud. Then maybe, just maybe, they will realize – Is what I am about to do going to harm and/or destroy the city and the people I represent?

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