​Words carry only 7% of a person’s meaning – Phoenix Business Journal

Most words don’t have much power all alone. Tone and body language give words their true definition. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian’s research found that words carry only seven percent of a person’s meaning, while tone accounts for 38 percent, and body language for 55 percent.That leaves a whopping 93% margin of error when delivering information through words alone—a huge chance of being misunderstood! Today, we often interact through technology for convenience and speed. We text, email, chat and share online and if you depend upon email and texting as your primary communication vehicles, you may realize communication challenges, errors, and interpersonal rapport breaks. These breaks can cause upset and disengagement, and can impact productivity significantly.

Source: ​The Art of Leadership: 6 Pillars of Sustainable Success – Phoenix Business Journal

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