More Sky Harbor Noise Info

A ScottsdaleTrails reader sent this along:

Sky Harbor data suggests that not many Scottsdale residents are voicing their concerns [about Sky Harbor airport traffic noise]. Some fear they will have to disclose it when they sell their homes, and many HOA’s won’t even broach the topic. Yet, complaints are integral to evaluating the problem areas. At his community meeting November 10, Congressman Gallego stressed the importance of ongoing complaints to assure the FAA that residents are not adjusting to the new flight paths. Perhaps you’ll help let Scottsdale residents know that this feature exists so that those who are willing to speak up will use this opportunity to do so.

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  1. The inbound and now even some outbound traffic from Sky Harbor is flying over Scottsdale residential area. The FAA implemented a new inbound flight around September 2015 which air traffic is so low, you can read the name of the carrier on the plane. Scottsdale residents need to step up in mass to protest these flights over residential neighborhoods. It is ridiculous.

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