SUSD Investigation

The SUSD hits just keep coming today.

After a very thin Republic article (referenced in my earlier post┬átoday), Terrance Thornton at the Scottsdale Independent finally gives us some meat. His article “Scottsdale school board sets Tonalea lease agreement discussion” tells us pretty clearly that Pam Kirby is going to lead the charge to get to the bottom of this…and that board president Bonnie Sneed is going to continue to be the apologist for a long-simmering deal about which she must have been fully aware before the public got wind of it.

The board and the district have scheduled a work study discussion on the proposed lease agreement for 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 23 at Tonalea Elementary School, 68th and Oak streets.

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  1. UPDATE: Governing Board President Bonnie Sneed says the school board will be holding a work study discussion to give members an opportunity to ask questions about the lease/rental agreement at the 68th and Oak Street location at 11 am on Friday, Jan 23.

    The above was just updated to our story at We may have misinterpreted the comment from Ms. Sneed, which is verbatim above. The work study may be at the education center. That’s the exact language she gave us.

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