The Best That We Can Do? Diane Douglass

Is this the best that ‘my’ Republican Party (and Republican voters) can do? From the Phoenix New Times (because the Arizona Republic apparently can’t do any better either):

After ducking out on participating in more than a dozen political debates or public forums, Diane Douglas, the Republican candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, was forced out of hiding.

Because she’s running as a Clean Elections candidate, she was mandated to participate in a debate sponsored by the Arizona Clean Elections Commission. The debate was hosted by Arizona Horizon’s Ted Simons and televised Thursday on KAET Channel 8.

What does it mean to be a “Clean Elections candidate?” It means pledging to forgo PAC money or contributions from corporations (and apparently to show up for at least one debate against y0ur opponent). It also means that you get funding from $5 contributions you collect, and after you get a certain amount you get matching funding from the Arizona Clean Elections Commission.

Where does THEIR money come from. They say “not from tax dollars.” Instead, the sources are cited as,

  • 10% surcharge on all civil penalties and criminal fines
  • Civil penalties paid by candidates
  • $5 qualifying contributions collected from participating candidates

Which to me pretty much sounds like (except for the qualifying contributions), money that COULD have gone into the General Fund but was diverted.

So, Diane Douglass won on a strategy of public funding while staying out of view of the public…And Republican voters fell for it. How is this any different from the strategy of her Republican predecessor (and opponent in the primary) John Huppenthal, who hid behind a fictitious identity in order to post offensive material on social media?

Can’t we do better?

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  1. Diane Douglas (Devil Dandruff) was not the only Republican to take Clean Election funding. As you follow the link you provided, it is clear that the other Republican Party candidate, and incumbent, also took the Clean Election funds. Funny thing, no Democrats took any Clean Election funds. So Devil Dandruff and the Anonymous Poster, aka the Grand Wizard, John Huppenthal were forced to debate.

    Now we should have seen this as a one sided battle, but when she defeated him. I would think this would have been the huge alarm signal for the Republican Party. It should be screaming – Ev Mecham has risen again! Run for help! Help! Help! The Elephant is wounded! DD only debated Mr. Garcia, the Democrat that one time. But why did DD defeat the incumbent?

    Well the public turned on Huppenthal, the misbegotten incumbent. His so called anonymous posts were inflammatory. His crying on cue, did little to make it any better. So the Republican front runner was a lame horse, or shall I say a crippled elephant. Now Dandruff went on the froth of Common Core, it is the second coming of Federal government overreach and more evil! Just like all candidates who pander to the lowest common denominator, she based her entire campaign on that single point. But why did she not take that momentum and continue to hammer away at Garcia? Heck, she could have used that mantra at every opportunity she was given. No! She hid away like the gopher hiding from its shadow. Why?

    Look DD is only that one factor, the elimination of Common Core/Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. Since she pandered to that base, she got the votes, and won. By the smallest margin, but still won. Look Huppenthal crippled himself, he thought he could be the vile slime and spread his hatred and not get caught. It did not work, so when he tried the crocodile tears, DD defeated him with the Common Core death march.

    You can tell I don’t have any love or desire for Diane Douglas. Her single minded desire for the elimination of Common Core is the big issue. How so many voters went for that, is my biggest fear. Again for only that 45% voter turnout, that is a horrible sign of the times. Well now we get to see what will happen. The children and the future of education in Arizona is now partially under the hands of Devil Dandruff, so we all get to wait and see.

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