Tonalea Community Renewal Meeting

Tonalea Community Renewal Meeting!

Annual GAIN Neighborhood Watch gathering


Let’s revitalize our wonderful Neighborhood. Make a PIT STOP! Look for the fire pit in Tonalea’s east parking lot for hot coffee, dessert & conversation.

Meet & support your neighbors. Learn how Holiday Luminarias will continue & expect City Council members, candidates & other dignitary guests

Tonalea Elementary School
Oak & 68th Street/Scottsdale, AZ

A special urging to Hubbell Street neighbors. This meeting qualifies as our yearly city mandate to keep our Neighborhood Watch signs, so come meet your neighbors, (sign the attendance sheet) so we‘ll have a 2/3rds showing to retain our signs.

Thank you!

Hosted by Coronado PTO* & Lisa Sampson 602•432•1670

Please come this Saturday, drive by and connect with your local neighbors surrounding Tonalea Elementary School.
Getting Arizona involved in Neighborhoods, GAIN night is rapidly approaching on Saturday and many South Scottsdale residents will be supporting this night by turning on our porch lights, getting together with friends and making a difference through sustaining our beautiful community.

Join our solidarity, renew the vitality of our long standing Tonalea area. Learn how to get involved in making this Holiday season the best ever with every street lit up with luminarias from McDowell-Thomas, the canal to Scottsdale road….and maybe more!

Thank you for getting involved and thank you for voting on Nov 4th; freedom is a terrible thing to waste:)

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