School Board Slug Fest Round 2

Terrance Thornton at the Independent just posted an article about the ongoing Scottsdale Unified School District governing board campaign incivility.

In the article, Thornton quotes SUSD board VP Denny Brown:

“He [SUSD board candidate Laddie Guy Shane] turns in absolutely bogus signatures and that fundamentally flaws the entire system,” [Denny Brown] said in a Sept. 2 phone interview. “I would not want someone who cheats the system to have my seat on the Governing Board.”

“Absolutely bogus,” and “cheats the system,” imply a level of intent that I don’t think is warranted. Every year voters sign petitions in good faith, not knowing that they don’t actually live within the applicable political subdivision. For example, many “Scottsdale residents” who live in 85254 sign petitions for Scottsdale City Council candidates. 85254 is in the City of Phoenix, courtesy of an aggressive and preemptive finger annexation by CoP decades ago, and has legacy Scottsdale mailing addresses from being serviced by the Scottsdale Post Office when the area was still ‘out in the county.’ I’ve even had experienced Realtors argue this point with me, until I show them the maps and they have to change their listings.

The SUSD encompasses portions of several municipalities, and there are portions of five school districts within City of Scottsdale boundaries. That doesn’t mean Shane or any of the petition signers intended to “cheat the system.” I’m sure if we reviewed Denny Brown’s petitions from his last campaign (or any of the candidates) we could find a substantially equal percentage of “bogus signatures.”

This makes me wonder what Denny Brown’s REAL agenda is.

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  1. OK I am one upset parent here in Scottsdale. I have six children. I have fought tooth and nail with SUSD and its Board. Mr. Denny Brown has an agenda. It is as clear as day. Now here is a great example. Mr. Brown is providing ‘proof’ of the invalid signatures for Ms. Thomas – the person who filed the case against Mr. Shane.

    Why? His claims on a Facebook board was along ethics or ‘for the children’ Now we have heard that before, haven’t we? For the children is the slogan of PAC that Francesca Thomas is on. Oh my! We have connected some dots!

    Hey, who else is speaking ‘for the children’ Virginia Korte. Now ‘for the children’ also speak for – Jennifer Petersen and Millhaven. Wow, lots of dots. Not so happy dots.

    Look, if you want I could post some of the more stuff that Ms. Thomas has posted about the children in Scottsdale. That would make more of us wonder about her, more than supposed bad signatures. This all stinks, and it is all just started.

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