SAAR–Can We Trust Them?

I was copied on this communique recently. While it is addressed to the membership of the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (SAAR), the information herein is highly timely for all of us weighing our votes for Scottsdale City Council. 

If you are a Realtor and a member of SAAR, I encourage you to speak up. As Plato said, “The price good men pay for inattention to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Welcome to Scottsdale.

Like the author of the letter (SAAR past-president Tom Mason), I too have many friends who are Realtors and have received a great deal of support both for my positions and for the notion that SAAR “leadership” is hijacking YOUR organization and spending YOUR money promoting an agenda that is contrary to the interests of YOUR profession and YOUR community. 

Don’t be afraid of these hijackers. Speak up. There are more of you than you know!

Fellow SAAR Members,

I received an overwhelming number of responses to my e-mail letter (SAAR Doesn’t Speak For Me!) regarding SAAR’s political entanglements. Some of you had no idea SAAR was so heavily consumed with “playing” politics. Many questioned the credibility and overall integrity of the CEO and BOD (Board of Directors). The majority of you were adamant that SAAR should not be endorsing candidates in Scottsdale’s city election.

Regarding a solution to SAAR’s unwanted political involvements, you were absolute in your resolve the best way to get SAAR’s attention is to STOP GIVING TO RAPAC! I agree (although, it appears “they” don’t care what you or I think) withholding your voluntary RAPAC donation (which appears above the line on your yearly dues statement) would send a loud and clear message that you have had enough of their political shenanigans. There’s no guarantee this will stop them, because they can go elsewhere for money (AAR or NAR) as evidenced in last year’s (let’s not tell the membership) $100,000 failed bond election. Regardless, at least they won’t be doing it with your money.

Some of you were incensed with SAAR’s secrecy and lack of accountability never revealing the details in the acquisition of the new Association building (ever heard the term “Full Disclosure?”) or sale of 4221 N. Scottsdale Road. They decided to notify the membership (after the fact) that multi-million dollar deals were undertaken using the membership’s money without seeking their input or consent.

The only way to change the “culture” with SAAR’s Board of Directors is to change the CEO and Directors. It appears the CEO condones politics on the Board. For example, in order to run for a seat on the BOD at SAAR you must first go through a process of elimination before a hand-picked committee selected by the current Board (Oh really?). How about doing away with the “select committee” and allow/provide any SAAR member who wants to run for a seat on the BOD the opportunity to present themselves to the membership at large for consideration. Until you insist SAAR change their current selection process for electing new Board members there will be no changes in their MO (modus operandi).

When there is no accountability and the trust of your membership is breached, it’s only a matter of time before an organization/association becomes irrelevant.

CEO Rebecca Grossman and BOD Chairman Patrick Lewis can be contacted at: 480-945-2651; or at or

Tom Mason GRI
Past President SAAR 2004
Chairman Class X Leadership Academy
Past Chairman GAC (Government Affairs Committee)

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