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I’ve been a little busy this summer but will be posting election news and information shortly. Meanwhile, I still post occasional updates to the ScottsdaleTrails Facebook page and Twitter feed.

I was just copied on this letter to the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, which is once again acting as a shill for the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce to endorse their special interest candidates for Scottsdale City Council.

TO: Rebecca Grossman, Chairman D.Patrick Lewis, 2014 Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee

Its election time again, I’m sure you knew that once election news goes out in public, it awakens members like me that object to SAAR’s endorsements. Again, I hate to keep repeating myself, but this Board is running astray of their duties and at worse,
going against the bylaws specifically written for SAAR. You shouldn’t state that SAAR endorses candidates; you don’t speak for all the members!

This association is the largest employer, group, in this town, SAAR could be larger than Scottsdale Healthcare, and they employ 6,700 people. SAAR is almost as large as Target in the entire State of Arizona and they employ 9000 people! Are you listening? 9000!

As the largest Association in town, in these very important elections, you should introduce all the candidates; have forums, questions from the floor. Then, after vetting these candidates, let the agents make their own decision.

The Government Affairs Committee that I was part of for 15 years, handled election time in that manner and it was successful and non-partisan. It should be noted that the freedom that SAAR enjoys now is very unusual, like driving and not knowing where you’re going. At this time there is NO GOVERNMENT LIASON, one that attends all Council meetings in most towns, planning board meetings…..Why, what happened? That worked, why eliminate it?

There must have been a reason, too fair, too much information? John Packham, our former GAC Liaison attended all meetings, from Cave Creek to our own Scottsdale, didn’t spend many evenings home, I can confirm that, from Mrs. Packham. We at GAC and the Board were kept very informed!

Rebecca, I realize that you wanted to change things, bring in your own ideals and convictions, but again, you have gone too far. You cannot advise these low-information voters who to vote for. You may suggest but to say vote for this person versus that person is truly un-democratic. I believe the opposing candidates that are also running should be notified throughout the city, local newspapers, including throwaways and radio.

Do you know I’ve told this story to non-realtors and the people are shocked, they asked how, why can SAAR do that and asked what can they do….the voting public must be made aware of how this Association is conducting business. I personally don’t care who is recommending that you choose candidates, whether it’s AAR or the money comes from RAPAC. It’s still coming from our funds! Must I remind this board of the $120,000 in fees plus $12,000 in fines that were paid in the last Bond election… that was taken from our money, the agent’s dues, please don’t do this again…Do you have any idea how these candidates voted on any issue?

Does this board know how many apartments are approved and ready to be built?
Do you or this board have any idea how many height restrictions have been broken in order to put these thousands of apartments in this town? Who in our City Council voted for these changes? Does this board know how this will change the way Scottsdale will look in years to come? I KNOW!

None of these thousands of apartments will put one dime in a Realtors pocket, zero, this is a set-up to then bring in light rail! Really, is this where we are going? Does everyone that opted to recommend these candidates and eliminate every other candidate’s opinion, feel that they made the right choice?

I say let the public make their own choice, let them THINK!

Is this the reason you and your chosen liberal members decided not to have your seasoned GAC members even given a chance to participate again…remember one of your questions on the new applications to join a committee, “what is your voter affiliation?” Did you consider that biased? We did!

Others and I will continue this fight from this moment on, knowing that you and your select few will continue to go along to get along, the future of the city be damned!
In closing, I understand that we will never totally agree with each other, but please don’t tell the paying members of SAAR, in the name of RAPAC, who to vote for. Do the members know that we may now be a PAC and why?

SAAR is taking advantage on the fact that most of the members are low-information voters and not aware of any changes. SAAR IS NOT A UNION, YOU ARE NOT A UNION DELEGATE, YOU JUST THINK YOU ARE.

Shirley Cordasco

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  1. The incumbents and Petersen are a force that must be stopped. If Milhaven, Robbins and Petersen are elected, this city will have more high rise development, more bars and the reputation of Scottsdale will be worse than what it is now “Mini Vegas”. When will the voters of Scottsdale realize they need to vote for council members who will listen to them and continue expanding the city in a civilized fashion? It’s obvious that when bar money and developer money support the campaigns of the incumbents we will get more of the same, if not worse. Voters must not vote for the three endorsed by the chamber and now by the Realtor’s association. Greed, uncontrolled growth and light rail are the economic drivers behind this election……Wise up and vote for Crawford, Littlefield and Smith or it will be business as usual by the majority of the city council.

    1. What I have realized is that Scottsdale is changing. This bar district expansion, the apartments, the flight of the arts, and the loss of what made Scottsdale great is this ‘change.’ Petersen and this new crowd want a new vision of Scottsdale, and the existing Scottsdale must go. So South Scottsdale, your out of here. Those pesky homes are not good anymore, we need apartments! No more art, bars must fill those spaces! You see the Realtors have spoken!

      You want the wide open spaces? Move to North Scottsdale! Don’t have the money? Get out of Scottsdale! Oh wait, maybe you can afford an apartment? Heck, maybe you can ride the light rail when we ram that bad boy down here. This is the change they want.

      Change is coming, so either vote for the right people or, you will not like the change. I have seen to many other Arizona cities lose their character. I don’t want Scottsdale to become another generic city. You know the one with no character and no spirit. It will be just another rubber stamped maze of drab businesses, bars, and lifeless apartments. A shell of what it once was.

      Shirley Cordasco I applaud your efforts. I hope your compatriots follow your lead, or are they to busy trying to sell out Scottsdale?

  2. The Voice of Scottsdale – Ron Prichert – took on the Scottsdale Republic and claims an an independent poll was taken and 70% of the city likes the bar district. Now, I’m wondering if that poll was taken at midnight in the bar district with the drunk patrons….just saying – Prichert should get his facts straight and stop endorsing the incumbents, Petersen and Auerbach. He’s not helping their cause with the absurdity of his POLL…….

    Voters need to upset the council majority and vote for Crawford, Littlefield and Smith otherwise it will be more apts., more bars and more high rise. Voting starts 7/31/14.

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