100 Ounces of Beer, What Could Go Wrong?

The upcoming “Scottsdale Beer Palooza” at the “…premier, nationally recognized, user-friendly equestrian center and special events facility,” also known as WestWorld of Scottsdale promises VIP ticket buyers 25, 4-ounce samples of beer included with their admission.

Beer Palooza


It has been awhile since I exercised my higher-math skills, but I think 25 x 4 = 100 ounces of beer. That’s equivalent to about eight 12-ounce beers. Even if stretched out over the extended duration of VIP hours (6) the average sized adult will leave the event right at the legal limit for DUI.

For a city awash in DUI arrests and a couple of very high-profile DUI-related personal injury lawsuits (one resulting in death of a minor: Scottsdale Hotel Valet Negligence Kills 14-Year Old), it seems like a remarkably dumb idea to have such an event on city property, and advertised on the city’s website.

Who’s idea was it? Mayor Jim Lane, and incumbent candidates Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven all voted for it, among others. Of course, as previously noted on ScottsdaleTrails, they are all firmly in the control of the bar/liquor industry lobby.

One presumes that the crack legal team headed by City Attorney Bruce Washburn (performance review coming up Tuesday night) told the council that this was ok…and legal.

Thanks are due to keen ScottsdaleTrails readers who brought this to my attention.

See also Arizona Revised Statute 4-244, paragraph 23:

[It is unlawful] For an on-sale retailer or employee to…deliver more than forty ounces of beer, one liter of wine or four ounces of distilled spirits in any spirituous liquor drink to one person at one time for that person’s consumption…

Oh, and, I almost forgot: One of the bands featured for the event is “Recipe for Disaster.” Talk about self-inflicted irony!

Recipe for Disaster

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  1. We can only hope that these ticket holder for $40 or $60 don’t get their money’s worth or the Scottsdale police will have a bunch of DUI’s to give out. Might be a good use of the extra large city buses to ship them all the the jail for booking. The DUI lawyers will have a hey day and the city court will make some extra bucks too. What is happening to Scottsdale? The bar district known as Mini Vegas is expanding to the north end. Sad state of affairs…….

  2. Common sense cannot be learned. Either you have it or you don’t have it. This council clearly doesn’t have it. Why else would they encourage people to get sh-t faced and drive on city streets?

  3. Consent Agenda item #6 on Tuesday is another $275,000 to law firm Struck, Weineke and Love ($350,000 total now) to represent Scottsdale in the Cody Clark DUI case.

    Struck as in Struck by drunk Driver riding home in a pedicab
    Weineke as in have another bottle of Wine at the Bottled Blond
    and Love as in God Love Mr Clark and all the innocent victims of drunk Drivers

    Our city staff and council need a med check and psychiatric evaluation. Today’s Beer Palooza or the next 10 alcohol events that Brian Dygert, Paul Katcenes, Fred Unger and Etzel put into Westworld may be a sign of severe of mental illness.

  4. With three incumbents on the ballot you can expect more of this. Oh wait! It is WestWorld! City Treasurers seem to have no problem waiving sales tax out here……like the previous one allowed for Barrett-Jackson.

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