Marine Corps Mules

Lt Col Mike Kelly (USMC, ret) alerted me to a great article in USA Today about the Marine Corps’ revival of ancient skills for battlefield transport: Horsemanship and mule skinning.

Mike was reminded by this article of Scottsdale City Councilman Tony Nelssen, who famously owned several mules and rode them in our Parada del Sol several times.


It reminds me of growing up in Columbia, TN, the “Mule Capital of the World”; so known for annual mule breeders’ event first held in 1840, and later mule shows and auctions attended both by farmers and the US Army.

Mules are remarkable animals. According to the article:

Mules can carry several hundred pounds and walk up to 55 miles a day, requiring nothing more than grass and water. If required, they can survive several days without water and longer without food.

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