Bar District Reduces Crime!

Polo panhandler Jason Rose got some ink in today’s Scottsdale Republic. I’ll post a longer response soon, but one egregious statement in particular deserves immediate ridicule:

[the Bar District] is attracting greater employment to downtown [Scottsdale], but…less crime.

So the solution to crime is to expand the Bar District! Wahoo! Problem solved!

Reality is obviously much different that this ridiculous public relations spin. Here’s the weekly Scottsdale Police Department Weekly Arrest Report…all 19 pages.

Look how many are DUIs, and of those, how many are ‘extreme.’ If you are out driving in the evening, they are on the streets with you. SPD can’t catch them all.

I’ll mark Jason’s pontification as the ScottsdaleTrails Local Quote for today!

The weekly arrest report for the present week is available as a PDF here:

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  1. I don’t know who appointed Rose Scottsdale’s cheerleader. He continues to spin the true facts into outrageous claims. Needless to say when I read the Rose “Opinion” in the Scottsdale Republic at 6 am, I was compelled to send Mr. Coppolla a note. My second to him in about a month about the spin master. We want news not spin. I hope the readers don’t really believe all they read in the Scottsdale Republic.

  2. Oh Mr. Rose is more than just the Scottsdale Republic, he is splashed on AzCentral. Look here (link at end) Scottsdale has ‘best charter schools in the country’ , and that ‘spectacular new Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale in downtown’, but then then neglected public schools in South Scottsdale. Oh and taxes that did not go up, until you read the City of Scottsdale webpage and we are going to get a nice tax increase for the lawsuits, I guess he must have missed that. Scottsdale has issues like any other city, but if we have Mr. Rose trying to ‘sell it’, well he is missing the point. You can’t spin all the time, you get sick. I for one am sick of spin. The link is below.

  3. My fave Rose comment was at the end of the column where he threw in that plug for the bridge over McDowell which he proposed a couple years ago to the sound of a gigantic thud. Coming in second was the comment about the bar district reducing crime. Then, in an effort to soften that, he gives Bill Crawford a nice plug.

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