Scottsdale Off the Wagon Again

An AZCentral repost of an Associated Press story reports that the Arizona Court of Appeals has stiff-armed Scottsdale’s public intoxication ordinance which was supposed to solve all our woes in the bar district.

It’s too bad the staff, city attorney, mayor and city council were to busy sucking up to the bar owners to work this out in advance of creating the highest concentration of liquor licenses in the state. That action is all but permanent, and additional laws won’t solve it.

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  1. If all intoxicated bar district patrons were arrested, Scottsdale would have to build a 10-story jail. Scottsdale is no longer the West’s Most Western Town. It’s the bar-and-booze capital of the Valley. The bar district is exploding thanks to Yari and his types. When will Mayor Lane and the city council stop their approval of any new bar that comes to them for approval? 5th Avenue will soon be taken over as part of entertainment district, too. Guess, we better start building a new jail and hiring a lot more police. When will it stop???

  2. I think Scottsdale is trying to win a contest to be the the most unlikely city ever to be transformed into a replica of Wilshire Boulevard. Gee, now we can buy million dollar 800 square foot condos in high rise buildings, take the elevator down to the street and go to 20 bars within two feet of each other. To paraphrase Yakoff Smirnoff, “What a city!”

    Personally, I liked the days of LuLubelle’s and Gordy’s better.

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