Quote of the Day: Winning

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

Mohandas Gandhi, 1869-1948, led India to independence from Britain, and inspired civil rights movements around the world through non-violent civil disobedience.

The face of Gandhi in old age—smiling, wearing glasses, and with a white sash over his right shoulder

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  1. We need to fight against Lane, Milhaven, Klapp and Robbins.

    Can you imagine a beer festival at Westworld? What in the heck does beer have to do with horses and a $10M over budget horse barn?

    Craig Jackson didn’t pay for TV coverage for his car auction in Scottsdale and made a million or more in his bank account.

    Right after Scottsdale received almost no TV coverage, Palm Beach, Schaumburg, Pheasant Run, Dallas have all received 100% TV coverage since Scottsdale Barrett Jackson.

    This has alot to do with Jim Lane spending Scottsdale citizens $50.3 million WITHOUT A CITIZEN VOTE on a Westworld horse barn for his political contributors.

    Lane has no political future after not giving a minute of silence, a failed bond vote and a failed general plan.

    He just didn’t know the depth his failures would reach when he gave away taxpayer money to political contributors.

  2. I attended an event at West World 50 Million horse barn on Saturday. The 5 Million parking lot has no markers or lines. Thousands of people – doubt any could find their cars when they left. Someone should audit the building costs of the horse barn. There is no way that structure is worth 50 Million.

    Monterro and the polo fields. I don’t know how Jason Rose reached his 12,000 attendance record – where did they all park? What does it cost the city to keep that grass field green? Rose’s sexy polo event sure costs this city tons of bucks.. This entire situation is an embarrassment for Scottsdale. How does Scottsdale city council justify $75,000 for one day polo promo? How does Scottsdale city council justify $200,000 per year plus incentives for 4-5 years for Marketing West World to a company who owns the liquor license for Monterro? (Don’t we need a real events marketing company for that job?).

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