Scottsdale City Council Priorities

As reported on AZCentral a couple of days ago, the Scottsdale City Council recently met to discuss priorities for the year. The list includes (with my commentary):

  • Partner with residents and businesses to revitalize the McDowell Road corridor (this means figuring out which property owners to subsidize, along with a Korte “dialog” about light rail).
  • Provide strategic support of tourism and visitor events (doling out bed tax money to the PGA, Cultural Council, Jason Rose’s polo matches, etc).
  • Create and adopt a comprehensive economic development strategy (doling out General Fund money to favored developers and other special interests).
  • Develop a transportation strategy that anticipates future needs (Light Rail on McDowell and on Scottsdale Road).
  • Prepare and adopt fiscally sustainable operating and capital budgets (don’t hold your breath, they’ve been ignoring my calls for sustainable budgeting for years).
  • Reinvest in a high-performance organization and work culture (Seriously? This from a mayor and council that can’t bring themselves to support wages for public safety that are even competitive with neighboring cities?).

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