Another Iconic Scottsdale Business Gone

An AZCentral article yesterday announced the demise of Mike Fernandez’s Pottery Paradise on Scottsdale Road.

It also included a comment from Mike that he might someday run for city council or mayor. A Fernandez run for city council certainly wouldn’t be boring, to say the least.

More importantly, the article touched on one of the main points of contention between Fernandez and the powers-that-be: Light Rail. Chief rail drum-beater Vice Mayor Virginia Korte continued her non-campaign for this tool of urbanization with a whine. According to the Republic:

Korte said Fernandez has never understood her position on light rail because he has never listened to her on the issue.

Very few people understand Korte’s positions on ANYTHING because she has never expressed a clear position on anything. She waffles around in the middle with platitudes like “dialog,” hoping to charm folks into subscribing to her hidden agenda.

What is that agenda? Who knows? All the more reason to not trust her.

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  1. Good comment, John. I read the column and it is typical Korte. No one would even know who she is if it wasn’t for her dad’s Chevy dealership.

    I’ve always liked Fernandez and hope he comes back strong. The City Council, except for Bob and Guy, is a joke.

  2. I just discovered your website, which seems to share my eco-green and political views. I grew up in Scottsdale and have now become a happy snow bird, so please sign me up for your newsletter so I can keep up with current events in my beloved “West’s Most Western Town”. Cheers, Sue.

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