14 Karat Diamond Handcuffs

This ad from today’s Scottsdale Republic juxtaposed alongside the masthead begs for comment. I could say so much about how the journalism quality of the Republic is handcuffed to advertising revenue from development and the Chamber of Commerce, and the media paradigms of the last century.

About how publisher John Zidich is forever bound to the Fiesta Bowl campaign finance and vote-buying scandal.

About how, only in Scottsdale would you find gold-and-diamond handcuffs at a century-old jeweler.

About the anti-city-planning crowd whining about being held hostage by the “vocal minority” of nay-saying “community activists.”

About how my fellow community advocates and I are bound by a sense of duty to protect the community we love.

And of course, a joke or two playing on the word, “bonds.”

Instead, I’ll just say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

May you get the love or bondage you desire and deserve. And, “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you might find, you get what you need.”

Thank you Peter Betteridge for the excellent metaphorical opportunity!

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