Scottsdale Street Fight

A ScottsdaleTrails reader reported this morning:

Chaos last night … bar closing time (2 AM MST). Police/security did not have control of the area. Street fight within minutes of my arrival. No stabbings/gunfire to my knowledge. Victims taken away by ambulances. Multiple subjects taken away in paddy wagons.

Might be a good time for the Arizona Republic and the Scottsdale Independent to review how mayor Jim Lane’s bar district “safety plan ordinance” is working out for us.

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  1. Might also be a good time to revisit the Downtown Plan and put in place guidelines for an entertainment district and to also review the liquor license application and policies that have not been updated since 1997. Of course that would mean serious work and not running off to China and Kenya every whip stitch and oh, yes, getting to know the community and using the values and visions in the General Plan adopted in 2001.

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