Chamber for Sale (Sold)

In an announcement (below) from the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce this morning, members were informed that they are soon to find themselves members of the Scottsdale AREA Chamber of Commerce.

Mind you, they could have joined the Area Chamber anytime. But contrary to the statement in the announcement, the North Scottsdale Chamber was formed because the Area Chamber was neglecting smaller businesses around and north of the Scottsdale Airpark.

Almost immediately upon formation of the upstart competitor, the Area Chamber began efforts to woo North Chamber members. One of those efforts was the formation of an “Airpark Subcommittee.” However, this impotent group never made any inroads into North Chamber membership.

Now that the North Chamber has grown far beyond the membership of the developer-owned Area Chamber, the acquisition efforts must have been redoubled. Was Joe Galli pushed out of the NSCC? Paid to leave? Offered a position with the Area Chamber? Time will tell. He’s been a good soldier for the developers who have overrun the North Chamber…and apparently now see benefit to a more cozy relationship with their Area Chamber developer buddies in their mutual efforts to destroy planning and zoning in Scottsdale.

Galli and NSCC pal Loren Molever have effectively shouted down other members of the General Plan Task Force upon which they serve. The effort to update the General Plan has turned into a joke…and it is with some irony that I note the North Chamber strongly supported the 2012 version of the update which was roundly rejected by the voters.

I also note with some satisfaction that the North Chamber didn’t outlive Guy Phillips, who was a member of the NSCC when he campaigned for City Council and won…in spite of being opposed by, and labeled a Communist by Joe Galli and Loren Molever.

Note the announcement’s use of the new term, “corporate sustainability.” As a friend often says, “The language evolves to suit the argument.”

To:          North Scottsdale Chamber Members
From:    NSCC Board of Directors

Dear Chamber Member:

The Board of Directors of the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce would like to thank you for your involvement this past year.

When the NSCC was founded six years ago, its purpose was to further North Scottsdale business growth primarily through networking activities. As the membership grew, our mission evolved to include corporate sustainability, economic development and advocacy.

It soon became apparent that we shared a common mission with the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and could better serve our business community as a single organization.  Operating as one entity will create better economies of scale and enhanced programming that will add even more value to your membership and your business.

On Friday, December 20, we will close the North Scottsdale Chamber offices and transition your current membership to the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce.

While all of the details are not yet finalized, the two boards will soon unveil the benefits and advantages of this collaboration.  In the weeks ahead you will receive more information about maximizing your NSCC membership through the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce.

The primary goal of both great organizations has been and continues to be serving our members and the business community.  On behalf of the Board, we look forward to celebrating a prosperous new year together as one Scottsdale, one Chamber.

Before the membership transition begins, we would like to invite you to our final event of 2013, the North Scottsdale Chamber’s “Holiday Meet & Jingle” on Wednesday December 18 from 5:00 – 7:00pm at BiCe Scottsdale, 8700 E. Pinnacle Peak Road.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Greg O’Keefe
2013 Board Chair

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  1. Dear Scottsdale Trails,

    It was just a longtime coming. The NSCC founders were made up of mainly businesses that came from the Pinnacle Peak Chamber of Commerce, LLC – (PPCC) that liked the idea of networking in an area that they did not have their businesses located, but wanted to grow their business. So after a few years of supporting the area they started their own.

    At the time many did not know what to do. This new chamber was holding mixers on the same day and at the same time and the membership fee was the same as the PPCC. This was more of a Networking Club then not a Chamber and they did not just grow in North Scottsdale. The NSCC want after memberships in Tempe, Phoenix and the valley. The more the better for them was the goal for the NSCC.

    The PPCC never stopped to grow and just last month on Nov. 1st 2013 welcomed a new incoming President. The PPCC was founded in 2005 making them the 2-Scottsdale, AZ and much smaller Chamber of Commerce. By 2008 the PPCC joined the team of the other Chambers of Commerce managed by Today’s Chamber, LLC – (TC) at the time that would have been the Arcadia, Deer Valley, and the Paradise Valley. All of their Chamber of Commerce are very active and limit their memberships to a max of 250-members per Chamber of Commerce. (Community Chambers of Commerce not City or Statewide)

    Being the Chairman & Founder of all of the Community Chambers of Commerce managed by Today’s Chamber, LLC with now five Community Chambers of Commerce in Scottsdale, AZ the Newest being the Old Town Scottsdale Chamber, LLC – (OTSC) that was added in Oct. 2013 to the more then 15-Community Chambers of Commerce we have opened in the Valley.

    We are happy to see the NSCC has found the right partnership by now being with the largest Chamber of Commerce out of the six in Scottsdale, AZ and soon seven.

    M. Kameron Hawkins – Founder & Chairman
    Washington, D.C. 202.367.6799

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