Ethics and Scottsdale

Last night the Scottsdale City Council voted to approve contracts for three new members of the city’s ethics complaint review pool. Raymond Lee, Penny Wilrich, and Jonathan Schwartz will potentially be charged with reviewing complaints made under the City’s “Code of Ethical Behavior for Public Officers” (Ordinance Number 367S, SRC Sec 2-57, adopted 1 July 2006).

As you can see from the video of the meeting (time index 0:13:15), I think it’s a little silly for the mayor and council to keep staffing this pool when they’ve never bothered to give the ordinance any substance. It is essentially unenforceable, as stated by one of the pool’s own reviewers in response to one of the few complaints that have been filed (against Mayor Lane, and former council members Ron McCullagh, and Lisa Borowsky).

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