The Cost of Golf

World Golf Report in an article from May reported on Scottsdale’s controversial taxpayer-funded subsidy to the TPC/PGA.

You know what they say about having to spend money to make money? Well, the Arizona Republic has gotten into the nitty-gritty of a controversy that’s brewing over the cost of operating TPC Scottsdale, the site of the PGA Tour’s annual Phoenix Open. The matter came to a head late last year, when the city of Scottsdale agreed to cough up $15 million for renovations to the TPC’s Stadium course in exchange for a contract extension that will require the PGA Tour to pay just $4 million in additional fees over the next 20 years. Spreadsheets were closely inspected, and critics soon concluded that the city has been fleeced by the Tour’s smooth-talking lawyers. As a result, they’re [the citizens] threatening to sue unless the contract is renegotiated.

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  1. Lane is a shrewd negotiator isn’t he?
    Scottsdale has the only course that can withstand that kind of foottraffic. It has the hotels and transportation to handle the volume of people that migrate here to see the tournament. It has ideal parking. Lastly its demographics skew pretty heavily to golf consumers. With all that in his back pocket…why give away OUR money?

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