COGS: Schools, Bus Strike, Strip Club, Condos

From the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale:

Please use caution around schools and parks this week and next. Scottsdale schools start August 7th and excited children are just not paying attention to roadway and sidewalk crossings.  Will your city bus run tomorrow?  What are the chances of a strip club at Scottsdale Rd/Camelback–a signature intersection? Have you lost interest in the General Plan final draft for the November 2014 ballot? Will you register for the next community workshop?  WHY does a community have to hire their own attorney to challenge a city zoning administrator’s interpretation that would allow over 200 condos next to their homes?

METRO BUS UPDATE FROM Scottsdale Transit Manager, Madeline Clemann: (quoted) “If a strike should occur, it will affect Scottsdale Routes 72, 81, 514 and 511.

[This was posted yesterday, but the strike has been called. I’ve omitted the portions of the COGS message that refer to the strike, but you can get current information at]

ALERT for our Downtown Merchants and shoppers: Portions of the Civic Center parking garage will be closed while the engineers evaluate some structural problems. This is an aged structure and perhaps removing it and building a parking garage that permits better access to the (hidden secret) Civic Center grounds would be a more appropriate use of funds than bandaid repairs. Currently the city is considering funding a parking garage in the Entertainment District.  We encourage a long-range fix for the downtown/tourist area parking needs.

Adult Entertainment near Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road? Described as the owner/manager of multiple (in the valley and out of state) “strip/adult entertainment” businesses has applied to the city for a zoning change on the vacant Delux Scottsdale property at 4443 N.Scottsdale Road. However, if the city’s Parks and Recreation Commissioners would approve designation of the Soleri Plaza just across the street as a park then an adult entertainment business could not locate as it would be within 500 feet of a public park.  For details, the case number is 13-ZN-2013. Send your comments. The link is http://eservuces,

Next up on the General Plan Task Force public agenda,Monday, August 5th, at the NE corner of Indian School Road and 75th Street (church-like bldg) 5:30 to 8:30 pm: (1) Discussion on WHY the proposed General Plan failed at the 2011 ballot box. (2) Community Involvement Element final draft (3) Vision Statement  (4) Open Space Element text decisions (5) Recreation Element text decisions ( 6 ) Community Character public workshop #2 review scheduled for August 21 & 22 (7) staff presentation of input from the public workshop #1 Neighborhoods and Housing held June 19 & 20.

Open Spaces special discussion: Some General Plan Task Force members led by Howard Myers have recommended removing the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve acreage from the population density calculations used by the city.  They consider those density numbers used for long-range city planning purposes to be askew by including the thousands of protected acreage as if it could provide housing or commercial units.

Your chance to use your voice: The Community Character workshop registration opens August 5 at  Identical workshops will be August 22nd at  11 am to 1 pm and 6 to 8 pm in the Mountain View Recreation Center 8625 E Mountain View Rd—east of Hayden and west of the 101. Unfortunately there is no bus or trolley service to this area. You must register so the staff can be assured to have enough printouts for the participants.  PLEASE mark your calendar and attend if at all possible.

SpeakUp is still active online: You may comment on Neighborhoods and Housing until August 12th at

FINAL public meeting on the proposed “bar” ordinance is Thursday, August 8th , 6-7 pm. The first public meeting room was packed with liquor-related personnel and owners and 3 citizens.  The second meeting had 5 residents. Hopefully this added evening meeting on the 8th will include more residents and their valuable comments.

During the last two public meetings the presenter, JP Twist, has altered the proposed “Public Safety Ordinance” text.  Changes made so far:

  1. REMOVED this ordinance for businesses with live entertainment.
  2. CHANGED security training certification from 90 days to 30 days upon employment.
  3. ADDED security refresher course required every 2 years.
  4. ADDED that security must carry training verification on their person when working.
  5. ADDED that felony incidents must be immediately reported to the City of Scottsdale Police Department.
  6. CLARIFIED verbally that “peak hours” determined by the manager/owner for the Public Safety Plan must be reasonable hours. [These are the hours they must have 1 security for each 50 patrons for the first 500 then 1 security for each additional 75 patrons]….Obviously, a business can reduce their security costs by narrowing their “peak hours”.

COGS will publish a detailed response to the proposed ordinance after the last public meeting.  We will combine recommendations from the on-the-ground police officers, area impacted residents and legal contacts who have reviewed the text. The final ordinance has to be functional, concise, clearly stated and interpreted, identifiable results and enforceable..


THE ANNUAL COGS POTLUCK for members, guests and our supportive public:  Please join us 5:30 pm on Saturday, September 21st on a private in-town patio for GREAT food, cool drinks and dynamic conversations. Details on the location will be posted in early September.  Please mark your calendar now…  Thanks!

For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, Sonnie Kirtley, Chair   3370 N Hayden Rd Suite 123 PMB 766, Scottsdale AZ 85251   e-mail:


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