Hidden Letters: North v South Scottsdale, Rhetoric

These letters appeared in today’s Scottsdale Republic:

North vs. south Scottsdale

It is interesting to note that our area’s first shelter for homeless fam­ilies and their pets is located in south Scottsdale. I mention this only because The Republic stated in an editorial regarding this worthy project that Scottsdale is not simply concerned with its relatively affluent image. I would argue that this does indeed show that Scottsdale is concerned with an image it has crafted for itself.

For far too long, south Scottsdale’s image has suffered thanks to neglect that has been heaped on the area for years. The north and downtown are areas where time, attention and money have been lavished, while south Scotts­dale became known as an area that was fit for all those things that other parts of the city wanted no part of.

If Scottsdale is really not concerned with “image,” I would hope that other areas in the city could find it in their hearts to welcome a new shelter. Given a choice, I would far prefer a shelter to the assortment of bars that the down­town has become known for. When things like shelters and affordable housing are fully integrated in affluent and less-affluent areas equally, then we can say that image is not everything.

Ellen Conroy, Scottsdale

Writer rants but says nothing

Why do you continue to feature the rantings of Linda Turley-Hansen, pre­tending that they are informed opinions that deserve to be shared with the gen­eral public? Her recent op-ed, “Blue scourge taking over AZ,” is typical of her inability to define terms, think logically, and arrive at responsible conclusions.

She confuses conservatism with right-wing parochial ideology, and doesn’t bother to engage social-science research, budget/financial implications, ethical thinking or rational and unbi­ased sources. She claims she is a proud “tea party” type, which should at least mean limited government and a com­mitment to the well-being of our com­munity, but her positions look dramat­ically otherwise.

Her “writings” look like a mishmash of negative propaganda phrases and emotional histrionics. You do your read­ers no good service by publishing her myopic and exclusionary views, in what should be a newspaper for all members of our community.

John W. Greco, Scottsdale

Publish bar-inspection results

Here’s my suggestion to really put some teeth into the public-safety ordi­nance. Include in it an inspection pro­gram of the bars and nightclubs not unlike the one already in place for res­taurants. The newspaper publishes the results of those inspections weekly. Obviously the criteria for such an in­spection program would have to be made applicable to the bars in ways that address safety, security, liquor-law compliance, crowd management, fire safety and such other elements as deemed appropriate. The results would be published, just as the restaurant inspections are. That way we could see which establishments score the best.

Gary H. Boyd, Scottsdale

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