Light Rail Update

It looks like light rail proponents are mounting another full-scale assault on Scottsdale. So, it’s probably time for a ScottsdaleTrails update on the situation.

Steve Goldstein at KJZZ called me last week for a back-to-back interview along with Jim Derouin on the pro-rail side. Actually, the paradigm is more a conflict between those who want to ignore the facts about light rail and just do it, and those who want to study the facts and make the best possible decision about our transit mix in Scottsdale…and the costs.

Anyway, you can listen to Goldstein’s interview here. I found him to be a capable and thoughtful interviewer.

Here are a couple of related articles I ran across recently. This one–also on KJZZ–is more of a “pro” article.

This is an interview with Randall O’Toole of the Cato Institute on Fox Business News (not my favorite source of information).

And here’s a Wall Street Journal article that cites–among other things–the conflicts created by watering down zoning standards in conjunction with implementation of light rail.

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  1. Light Rail would have little or no effect on us. It doesn’t come close to where we live. Then again it will have an effect, in more tax money going out. As a citizen of Scottsdale I guess I should accept that with a smile on my face.

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