SIDA grant to Scottsdale Healthcare

This article appeared on the KTAR website yesterday.


Scottsdale Healthcare officials accept a $100,000 donation. (KTAR Photo/Sandra Haros)

PHOENIX — The Industrial Development Authority of Scottsdale awarded Scottsdale Healthcare’s Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center $100,000 Thursday to help fund further development of the Rapid Detection and Assessment of Response (RADAR) program.

The RADAR program uses high-tech radiology imaging and advanced analysis to quickly assess whether a tumor is responding to treatment. RADAR provides physicians with information to make timely decisions about a treatment’s effectiveness and whether an alternate treatment is appropriate, according to Ronald Korn, Medical Director of Scottsdale Healthcare’s Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center.

“We are really at the end-stage of our research to see who will be most qualified to fit this technology” said Korn. “Today is a great day, but it’s the beginning and not the end. We have a lot of work ahead of us to show that this technology we are introducing will make a difference in patients’ lives,” he added.

RADAR is the result of a collaborative effort between local doctors, the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute and Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare.

Cancer patients should check with their doctors to determine if they are eligible for this program. More information is available at, or by calling (480) 323-1339 or (877) 273-3713.

The Scottsdale Industrial Development Authority is a nonprofit corporation designated a political subdivision of the State of Arizona.  The IDA was incorporated in 1984 and its formation was approved by the Scottsdale City Council.  The IDA has the legal ability to issue taxable and tax-exempt revenue bonds.  Financing undertaken by the IDA often results in below market interest rates.  In addition, the IDA supports community programs that enhance Scottsdale.

The governing body of the IDA consists of a seven (7) member Board of Directors. All members of the Board of Directors of the IDA are appointed by the Scottsdale City Council.  Officers of the IDA are elected by the Board of Directors.

  • Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month
  • An annual meeting is held on second Wednesday of June of each year
  • The Board of Directors are:
    • Marc Grayson, President
    • Jay Berens, Vice President
    • Marc Blonstein, Treasurer
    • Ronald F. Finkel, Secretary
    • Robert Johnson
    • Jon Musial
    • Russell Kolsrud

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