Voice of Scottsdale on David Smith

This morning Voice of Scottsdale put out what will hopefully mark the end of their obsession with now-former City Treasurer David Smith.

Voice-criticism aside, ScottsdaleTrails readers know that Mr. Smith has been on the right side of most fiscal issues that now plague the city, including a debt that will exceed $1.5 billion dollars if voters approve a bond issue in November.

Voice says:

David Smith didn’t just think he was always “the smartest guy in the room” … he thought he was “the smartest guy at City Hall.”

Focusing on the numbers is what he was hired to do, and David Smith did a good job. He was paid to be “the smartest guy in the room” when it came to city finances. Theoretically, that’s why we hire professionals for those positions.

But finances aside, being “the smartest guy in the room,” at a City Council meeting isn’t much of a compliment considering the slack-jawed mouth-breathers we have running the city from the dais. The average IQ in the Kiva tends to drop precipitously when the citizens empty out of cheap seats.

I hope now that Smith is gone, Voice of Scottsdale can focus some of their obsessive attention on the people who are really causing problems in Scottsdale.

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