John Little for…City Council?

John Little was quoted on AZCentral yesterday about his potential priorities in running for (I assume) city council

…job creation and all that goes into it will likely be high on my list of priorities.

That would suggest this community wants to get some real traction on the related issues of education, regional partnerships, housing, arts and culture, and transportation.

Thinking about John dabbling in all of those things scares the heck out of me, and the reference to “transportation” is undoubtedly about light rail.

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  1. Fear not, brother John. The last thing on my mind is dabbling. I actually intend to do something about these nettlesome problems should I decide to run. If you would care to query me, you might find not only are you less afraid, you may even find the kernal of a good idea or two. Thirty years of public service has given me some perspective. Beginning my career as a trasportation manager inaugurating one of the first demand responsive door-to-door services in the country for elederly and disabled has not fixated me to one size fits all solutions for connecting people within and outside our community.

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