Roundabouts and Revolving Doors at City Hall

A news release from the City of Scottsdale dated yesterday informs us that former Scottsdale traffic engineering employee Paul Basha is returning to Scottsdale to head the Transportation Department.

He is best known to Scottsdale residents for his sporadic appearances during the last 13 years at Scottsdale City Hall on behalf of zoning attorney John Berry’s clients. Basha has provided a ready rubber stamp that proclaims high density housing projects will not affect traffic flow in their vicinity.

We’ll probably be able to catch Paul lunching with Randy Grant (who rode the same revolving door back to the City as Planning, Neighborhood & Transportation Administrator) at The Mint (one of Grant’s Bar District clients in his private practice) in the not-too-distant future.

Presumably Paul will  help shepherd the Northsight roundabout, which seems to be stuck going round-and-round.

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