The Death of Planning and Zoning in Scottsdale

I’m on a city mailing list that sends me notice postcards on development projects around town. Today I got one for “Crossroads East” on the east side of Scottsdale Road, just north of Chauncey Lane (south of Mayo Blvd).

The best part? The developer is submitting a,

…request for amendments…to development standards; including elimination of maximum percentages of office and residential as part of the allowed floor area ratio, elimination of the minimum parcel size…

Those aren’t “amendments.” This is wholesale disregard of even the illusion of purpose for planning and zoning.

And I predict it will pass with a 5-2 vote of the city council.

This is case 19-ZN-2002#3 which you can see on the city’s website. It has already been approved by the Planning Commission and will be approved by the Council on 6/18/2013.

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