Behring Starts Off With A Bad Bearing

Newly-appointed Scottsdale City Manager Fritz Behring has gotten off to a bad start even before being sworn in.

He was quoted after his successful job interview as saying of his bosses (the city manager serves at the pleasure of the city council),

There’s obviously some policy differences (on the council): the no growth people versus growth people.”

Grammatical error aside, Clearly Fritz clearly isn’t too familiar with the dynamic in Scottsdale which is more like pro-General Plan (follow the growth rules ratified by the residents), versus the rule-busting zoning attorneys, developers, and their puppets on the council.

So after a unanimous vote to hire him, Fritz has immediately insulted two of those who voted for him (or maybe just AGAINST the other two applicants), and he’s insulted the intelligence of pretty much any civic-minded citizen who pays attention to land use issues.

Fritz, you may not last as long as I originally predicted.

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