Scottsdale Taxapayer PGA Subsidy Index

I’ve had several calls and emails asking for background on the golf subsidy situation in Scottsdale. Here is a list of links to information I’ve posted, and information that appeared in mainstream media on this issue:

ScottsdaleTrails, 5 Dec 2012: Scottsdale Gives the PGA a Mulligan

Forbes Magazine (via ST), 5 May 2013: PGA Tour: A Not-For-Profit Money Machine

AZCentral, 12 May 2013: Critics Question Scottsdale’s Spending on TPC

(click here for PDF version)

Phx Biz Journal, 14 May 2013: Scottsdale Faces Questions Over PGA Contract

AZ Republic (via ST), 18 May 2013 : Letters to the Editor

Arizona Republic Editorial, 22 May 2013: Is Scottsdale Spending Too Much on the TPC?

(PDF version)


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