Scottsdale Golf Subsidies

I was astonished to learn from a friend this evening that the Professional Golfers’ Association claimed last year a total of direct and affiliated revenue of $2 BILLION!

So why is the City of Scottsdale subsidizing the TPC Scottsdale (a division of the PGA) to the tune of somewhere between $15 and $20 million?

I also learned that the PGA is a non-profit. Hmmm.

Here’s the article in Forbes from earlier this month that was forwarded to me:

The PGA Tour: A Not-for-Profit Money Machine

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  1. John, take a look at most “Non-profit” organizations, those at the top are pulling in BIG BUCKS along with large expense accounts. The people that they are supposed to be helping might receive a monthly magazine along with a reminder to contribute but little else.

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