Local Quotes of the Day: PGA Subsidy

These quotes are taken from Sound Off letters to the editor of the Scottsdale Republic published this morning. You can read the letters in their entirety in my previous post, but the juxtaposition of these quotes is too priceless not to publish as Local Quotes of the Day.

Let us not get our exercise by jumping to conclusions.

Roy Pederson, former Scottsdale City Manager.

And on the heels of his advice, that’s exactly what two of the writers following Roy did.

The thought of debating its value is beyond compre­hension to me.

Bill Crawford, Scottsdale, gym owner.

Bill, you know I love you, but that statement is a perfect example of why you aren’t on City Council.

The Scottsdale City Council is well-known for fiscal re­straint.

Rick Kidder, CEO of Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce.

Maybe we’ll put Rick’s quote in for Laugh of the Day, too!

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