Fast Lane to Heaven

This invitation to “Breakfast with the Mayor” was circulated by email to board and commission members this morning, and presumably also to the “Faith, Civic, and Business leaders” referenced in the invitation.

Breakfast With The Mayor

Call me old-fashioned, but I seem to recall when we had  “Mayor and Council Breakfasts?”

Are we now to expect a series of taxpayer-funded “Breakfast With…” events? Will, for example, Bob Littlefield have a “Breakfast with Bob Littlefield” at Granite Reef? How about a “Grub with Guy Phillips” event at Via Linda Senior Center? “Meal with Milhaven at the SMoCA Lounge?”

I wonder, too, if the taxpayers are picking up the tab for the fixin’s, and whether the mayor’s campaign committee is renting the Granite Reef Senior Center for the event?

Did you notice the fine print at the bottom of the invitation? It says,

Copyright © 2013 Paradise Valley Community Church, All rights reserved.

It looks to me like the taxpayers are paying to circulate church-owned material. Maybe PV Community Church is picking up the check for the breakfast?

Beyond all the silly “separation of church and state” nonsense, I find it more than a little ironic that this event follows Thursday’s State of the City address at the W Hotel in the bar district. Maybe we can all repent at Granite Reef next week.

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