Local Quote: Teen Town Hall on the General Plan Vision Statement



One of the first things I discerned was the plan’s abstruse language, which conveyed formidable but ambig­uous objectives. Such objectives should be pursued, but only if the “av­erage Joe” is able to understand what each is referring to. Phrases like “hu­man connection” and “community character” resonate well, but what do they explicitly refer to?

Sarah Sakha, junior at Xavier College Preparatory, as printed in the Scottsdale Republic opinion column on the Scottsdale Future Leaders Town Hall at SkySong.

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  1. John,

    I read that yesterday and had a good laugh. Teenagers, especially the ones who are in college prep, love to use words like “abstruse”. I notice Sarah had a few others as did her high school chum who was also quoted as saying how cool light rail would be in between his Webster approved rantings.

    Did you see this morning’s opinion rant against Sheriff Joe? It sounded like something a high school genius like Sarah might write but I’m very much afraid it was by the new guy Grant Martin.

    He sounds like a child that forgot to take his Ritalin and the vocabulary is straight out of High School, USA college prep. It’s one thing to criticize someone in an editorial; it’s another thing to have a temper tantrum.

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