Hidden Letters to the Editor: State of the City Address

I noticed that AZCentral has a new (or more prominently located) section for “Letters to the Editor.” I’m sure that’s not because of YT, but I guess you never know!

I’m going to keep after them, though, because this great letter to the editor appeared today in the print edition…and is conspicuously absent from AZCentral, at least as of this writing.

Location for speech insulting

So Mayor Jim Lane, one of the cre­ators of our too-often out-of-control downtown bar area, is going to give his State of the City address at the W Ho­tel? How insultingly appropriate. That venue points to the problem we have with special interests that trump the public good. I wonder if His Honor will give the address late at night, with the amplification system on full volume, so nearby residents can hear every word through their closed windows and doors.

Even more disturbing, perhaps, is the mayor’s pet organization, the Scottsdale Business Development Fo­rum, is paying for this “city” event. Does anyone see the irony of private money, in a private hotel, in the heart of a problematic bar area, being the stage for our mayor? Will his backdrop on the stage be a large “Scottsdale For Sale” sign?

John W. Greco, Scottsdale

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