Mickelson, Taxes, and New Clubhouses: Par for the Course

To follow up the article I published a few weeks ago [Scottsdale gives the PGA a Mulligan] I want to share something with you something I ran across recently.

Walter Mencken writes the Almost Factual News column for the San Diego Reader weekly newspaper.

Mencken has a great photo-comic strip called Bob Filner, Standup Guy, that he’s doing on the newly-elected San Diego mayor.

Now I don’t know Mayor Filner from Adam other than what I’ve shared above, and one post-election TV interview in which he sounds like a pretty reasonable and fiscally conscientious guy. I also don’t know the background on the two Mencken strips I’m sharing here.

However, given some concern here in Scottsdale about Mickelson (who got his own taxpayer-funded new clubhouse courtesy of Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane), and the PGA (which is getting a new clubhouse courtesy of a taxpayer subsidy and amendment to their TPC lease), I thought it would be fun to share Mencken’s work:

Introducing Bob Filner, Stand-Up Guy: New clubhouse for Balboa Golf Course.

Filner Takes On Phil Mickelson: Phil’s tax rant.



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  1. John,

    I love the final frame with that sh-t eating grin from Filner.

    I wish Phil would come back to Scottsdale and escape the madness that is California but I certainly don’t agree with the taxpayer subsidies. However, I guess it is another one of those “Go figure” moments that we learn from watching politics.

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