Drink Till You Become A Resident

It’s a New Year and I sort of resolved to be politically nicer this year. However…there are some stories that write themselves and I am duty-bound to let them do so.

Former Cave Creek city councilman Adam Trenk seems like a nice guy. I chatted with him once a few years ago before he graduated from law school, quit his post, and took a job with Rose Law Group doing zoning work, I think.

Trenk is now trying to get that council seat back, but his candidacy has been challenged on grounds of residency, i.e., he moved out of Cave Creek to Scottsdale, and he hasn’t actually lived in Cave Creek long enough to qualify as a candidate.

Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane’s former chief of staff Tim LaSota (now a Jason Rose mouthpiece) argued on behalf of Trenk that, among other things, Trenk’s drinking to the point of legally impairment caused him to take up weekend “residency” at his Cave Creek home–which was otherwise rented to a tenant.

That’s quit a novel argument, but I looks like it has worked…assuming the plaintiff doesn’t appeal.

Amazing. Truly we live in The Wild West. I must drink more.

I’ll let Linda Bentley at Sonoran News give you the whole story.

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  1. John,

    I remember Trenk being a controversial character when he ran the first time and only won election by drawing the highest card from a deck.

    People in CC are conservative and this publicity will probably hurt him this time around. I doubt if he’ll get the votes he needs.

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