COGS eNewsletter 10 Jan 2013

Good evening COGS E-Newsletter Reader:

January Happenings— General Plan 2014 deadline nears….The Bond Task Force finalized their proposed project priority list tonight…..Have you ever bought surplus at the ASU warehouse?—The City of Scottsdale does this also but electronically over the internet. The link is provided below.

Details on the proposed Arizona Canal bank improvements and the Fry’s on Indian School Road renovation are included as well.  Got a topic you want us to research for you?  Just e mail us at

48 hours…that is all that is left to send your application (open the Visioning attachment) to be selected for the Town Hall 2013 that will finalize our city’s General Plan.  Remember this document declares the Scottsdale VISION for the next TEN YEARS. If voter approved, within that document will be the guidelines that elected officials, appointed commissioners and task force members, and city staff must follow.

After January 11th, the Town Hall consultants will select a cross-section of residents and business owners to serve. Slightly more than 200 applications have been received so you are encouraged to submit yours! Share your hopes for Scottsdale 2014-2024.

The Bond Task Force met this evening. Tonight the Bond Task Force Commissioners finalized their prioritized list of 45 proposed bond-funded projects  The projects will now be lumped into categories such as “Public Safety” for presentation to the voters rather than as ballot line items and separately voted upon.

[Note: Bonds are the city’s way of borrowing money to do projects. They have to be repaid with interest. Scottsdale’s debt is currently about $1.3 billion…almost the same as Glendale’s debt. If approved by Scottsdale voters, this bond package will add a quarter of a billion dollars to that  total.]

The City Council will make the final decisions (1) to have a bond election (2) if so, when and (3) what proposed projects and funding will be on the ballot for voter approval.  The first Bond Task Force set of commissioners’ proposals were heard by the council in 2012 but they determined with the poor economy that passage was not possible.

A second Bond Task Force (with many of the original members) was appointed and they will complete their work at another public meeting on January 23rd at the Granite Reef Senior Center at 5 pm. That will be your final opportunity to speak (open the 2 Bond List attachments).

The following link will give you the explanation for the changes to some projects. Page 13 and 14 in that link are Prioritized Projects 1 to 46.  (Note that #44 related to the Preserve Trails was removed.this evening by the Task Force at the recommendation of the Preserve Commission)

Want to get details on the remodel plans for the Fry’s on Indian School & Miller Road ?  Nancy Cantor has arranged for a public meeting with Bill Finch of Fry’s Food Stores. Mark your calendar for January 17th at 10:30 am in the city’s church-like building at the NW corner of Indian School Road and 75th Street. If you can’t attend, please e mail us your question(s ) to be answered.

Want To Buy City Surplus Items? The City of Scottsdale offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of assets using the Public Surplus materials auction web site. Click on the following link to view the current City of Scottsdale public surplus material auctions.,az/browse/home?tm=m

Arizona Canal Bank project update: The project will include landscaping, site furnishings, connections to adjacent neighborhoods, pedestrian bridges and public art. The path will enhance mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians throughout the region and provide connectivity to Papago Park, the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Gardens, Tempe Town Lake and the Indian Bend Wash path system. This link provides further information and a MAP.

To report a code violation in your neighborhood:  Open the link to complete the complaint form. You may remain anonymous or ask the officer to contact you with updates.  Please note that an abandoned car on the street is a police matter.  Call the non-emergency police number 480 312 5000 to report these.

Happy New Year from the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) Board of Directors, Sonnie Kirtley, Chair    website:

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