Somebody Call 9-1-1

Former Scottsdale Mayor Sam Campana weighed in on the Scottsdale city council election in a letter to the Republic last week. I’ve reprinted it here with my comments in brackets.

3 hopefuls community-oriented

Scottsdale has a superb opportunity to elect three community-oriented, thoughtful people to the City Council this upcoming election.

Incumbent Suzanne Klapp has been the voice of small business, a fiscal con­servative and a responsive member of the council. She has skillfully maneu­vered through unnecessary political hi­jinks [i.e., she’s wisely kept her mouth shut whenever there’s controversy] and been a critical fourth vote on many important issues [she’s been a reliable vote for virtually every zoning-busting development project and expenditure]. She surely de­serves to be re-elected. [Nobody “deserves” to be re-elected.]

Virginia Korte has been a Scottsdale servant for years including while she ran the family business, Korte Chevrolet. Her leadership at the Chamber and now STARS give her unique insight into both the non-profit arena and the workings of small and big business. Her community involvement with the McDowell Sono­ran Preserve has been passionate and practical — a rare combination. She will be a leader among leaders on the next council [Korte will reliably continue the erosion of Scottsdale’s voter-ratified General Plan, only she’s not honest enough to come right out and say it].

A critical third vote should go to Eric Luoma. Eric has been giving back to Scottsdale both as a successful small businessman and as a community activ­ist [since WHEN has Luoma been a “community activist?” Campana can’t be serious. He has never ONCE appeared before the city council, defended a neighborhood, or fought for our quality of life.]

This young father’s viewpoint will be unique and useful as Scottsdale protects both its quality of life and our tax base [I’m “young” and a “father” but she didn’t support me…and how is that a qualification for “protecting our quality of life and tax base?”]. I urge you to be certain to vote and ask that you give these three outstanding, longtime Scottsdalians your vote!

Best wishes in retirement to retiring Councilman Ron McCullagh. His in­formed, caring voice and vote will be missed.

Sam Campana , Scottsdale The writer is a former Scottsdale may­or and city councilwoman.

Someone please call Mayor Campana and give her directions back to reality.

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  1. If you knew none of the candidates…had no axe to grind…and just listened to the candidates from the forum at the Kiva…one would quickly figure out that Mr. Luoma is just not qualified to lead. I don’t trust he has the ability to have a dialogue on anything city related. Nothing against him, but, I wouldn’t hire for this position. That is what he is asking us to do, right?
    Virginia Korte never seems to make eye contact when talking, which is a big red flag for me in the honesty department.
    Klapp….is who she is. I might be her for Halloween, but that would mean never entering a neighborhood.

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