When the End Comes

Randy Rogers submitted the following letter to the Arizona Republic this morning. I’m not holding my breath that they will print it, so I’m copying it here:

I’m long past tiring of [zoning attorney] John Berry bringing meat to the table. Whether the Solis Project, or the since-cancelled Capella at Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale Road is littered with these from MacDonald to Camelback at the Safari Drive.  Why the height, if at all? Why not the same as the Bankrupt ‘W’?

Deco Communities former project at Starpoint remains half-filled. Now we have the City Council jam this new project [Echo at Windgate] down the neighbors’ throats.  Despite the whimsical vagaries of Mr. Berry’s musings, Interest Rates are at an all-time low, and the reality is that we are not making any more dirt.

Why give away our future? Make those who want to share in the Scottsdale Dream invest in it, and be taxpayers. No one of substance is going to live in 600 Sq. Ft., and all we will have is Time Shares, or Rentals with transients. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Why do people come here, when they can go to Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, Miami? Because we’re different, in ambiance, ethos etc. The original dialog was that the McDowell’s would be seen by everyone, now they’re blocked to most.

Having Bar Central created in Old Town with Clubs and Pools is decadent and against what Scottsdale is.  When the end comes–and it will–and Scottsdale is no longer a special place for residents and tourists alike, whose name will we see at the downturn of what made this City special? Manross, Milhaven, Klapp, Borowsky, Robbins, Jim Lane?  They should all have their names on a plaque as one enters Scottsdale with the inscription: “We did this to you.”

Sonnie Kirtley’s piece “Planning panel must be diverse,” and Bob Littlefield’s, “Keep City’s successful formula,” are what is best; not allowing developer REITS [Real Estate Investment Trusts] to pay for their investments.   Herb Drinkwater and Tony Nelssen are rolling over in their graves!

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  1. You know, a “whole” is supposed to be greater than the sum of its parts. I am beginning to think that won’t apply to Scottsdale for much longer. From my point of view, the sum of its parts are beginning to degrade the “whole”.

  2. I have said it before and have seen it happen in other cities like Kansas City and St. Louis: Places like Downtown Scottsdale become the rage of the young until something new comes along. Then their fickle desire for something new lures them elsewhere to an area that is so much “cooler” than Scottsdale. In St. Louis Gaslight Square was the victim and in K. C. it was the Plaza.

    Where will the bored youth gang go next here? Glendale? Tempe? When that happens Scottsdale will not have a bar district so much as a ghost town.

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